TCH Forecaster

A complete Clinical Decision Support (CDS) engine for immunizations. Forecasts for both childhood and adult schedules. The forecaster is available for use under license from Texas Children's Hospital.

Current Version Date
Production 4.2.1 Oct. 28, 2018
Test 4.2.1 Oct. 28, 2018


The TCH Forecaster accepts CVX codes, which are defined by the CDC. Please note that not all CVX codes are supported or are even relevant for an immunization forecast. Please consult the documentation below for details on specific CVX codes.

Access to the TCH Forecaster can be done in several ways:

Direct Access

Direct access can be done by using a simple HTTP GET command with the following parameters:

Example Links

Java API

The Java API is available to organizations authorized by TCH to receive it. Please see API Doc for more information.

IHS Defined Standard on TCP/IP

Indian Health Service has defined a specific standard to access the forecaster. This is defined in this Excel Spreadsheet. Access to the forecaster is accomplished through TCP/IP.

TCH Forecast Tester

The TCH Forecast Tester provides easy access to the TCH Forecaster and other forecasters to support testing and verification. All Immunization and CDS experts are invited to join the TCH Forecast Tester project.

Release Notes

Version 3.08

The latest release include changes to the new TCH Forecast Tester interface. The old interface has been nearly completely replaced by the new interface.

Release Notes

Version 3.03

Highlights of latest release:

Version 3.01

Highlights of latest release: